Fuel Tax Credits Update

Fuel Tax Credits Update

Fuel Tax Credits Update – February 2019

The fuel tax credit rates below have changed, effective 4 February 2019. Different fuel tax credit rates will need to be claimed for fuel acquired before and after February 4.

Fuel purchased for on-road use in eligible heavy vehicles
New rate: 15.8 cents per litre (previously 15.4 c per litre).

Fuel purchased for powering auxiliary equipment
New rate: 41.6 cents per litre (previously 41.2 c per litre).

For fuel tax credit rates lists please click here.
For the ATO fuel tax credit calculators please click here.

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Reasonable Travel Allowance Claims for 2018/2019

Reasonable Travel Allowance Claims for 2018/2019

The ATO has released Taxation Determination TD 2018/11 which can be viewed here.

Reasonable travel allowance claims for employee truck drivers in 2018/19 is $24.70 for breakfast, $28.15 for lunch and $48.60 for dinner.

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