The industry is rapidly changing, and business owners need to have a transport accounting team that is proactively across these changes.

We’re well aware of the difficulties facing the transport industry today, from reduced profit margins, to increasing staff costs and fuel prices.

Transport Accounting

Plus 1 Group offers a range of transport consulting services, including assisting in financing, costings and budgets; preparation of fuel tax credit back claims for auxiliary equipment and off-road travel; as well as aiding in other everyday issues. And we offer our highly specialised services across both Victoria and Australia.

Transport Consulting, Transport Advice

Plus 1 Group offers various transport consulting services to the transport industry. These services include assisting in financing arrangement, costings and budgets, preparation of fuel tax credit back claims for auxiliary equipment and off-road travel, as well as all of the other everyday issues facing the transport industry. Our transport consultancy services are built upon our specialisation in providing transport accounting services to clients across both Victoria and Australia.


Expert assistance to apply for and complete tender applications

fuel tax credits, securing 100% of the rebates available

full and extensive knowledge of transport payroll awards, allowances and deductions

Transport structures and activity specific cost benchmarking

operator networking

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