June 2020 – Xero Tip

Customise Your Xero Dashboard


Did you know that you can move the panels on your dashboard around or hide them? Your dashboard is user-specific, so only you will see these changes.

To do this:

Click Edit dashboard at the end of the page.

You can then:

Click on the panel and drag it into the new position.

Click Hide or Show to remove or add a panel back to your dashboard.

Click Save Changes.

Below are examples of some items you can add and remove from your dashboard:

Panel Description
Total cashflow or Total cash in and out This shows the cash moving in and out of your organisation, based on figures in the Bank Summary Report.
Account watchlist

To display the Account watchlist panel, you need to edit an account in your chart of accounts and select the Show on Dashboard Watchlist checkbox.

The Account watchlist shows two balances:

  • This Month – balance posted to the account during the current month.
  • YTD – balance posted to the account for the financial year, to the end of the current month.

For balance sheet accounts, the YTD column will show a cumulative balance that includes all transactions posted to the account since you started using Xero.

Bank Accounts When you add a bank account, you have to option to show or hide bank accounts on your dashboard.
Invoices owed to you A summary of the invoices owing to you, and how long they’ve been owed based on the due dates of sales invoices you’ve sent to your customers (essentially an aged debtors/sales snapshot). Links through to the sales overview.
Bills you need to pay A graphical snapshot of the bills you need to pay, and when you need to pay them. Links through to the purchases overview.
Expense Claims

Depending on your user role, you’ll see a summary of all your expense claims to help you keep track of the status of claims.

Click New claim to submit a new expense claim, or select a status to view expenses with that status.

Business performance graphs If any business performance graphs are favourited, you’ll see them on your main dashboard under the heading Business performance.

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