Bank Details Scam

SCAM ALERT – Changes to bank details sent by email

Fraudsters are now monitoring websites or emails and using tricks to mimic usernames & signatures.  These spoofing tools to make it appear as if the email has come from you/your business.
They then send emails out advising that the bank details have changed and that the customer needs to update the records urgently.

There have been a number of cases locally where businesses have been caught up in these scams. The emails appear legitimate and may even have the name of a company employee, Director or Owner.

We strongly recommend that you always verify any information sent in this way. The most secure way to do this is a quick phone call to the supplier asking them to confirm their details. Often, they may not even be aware their emails have been compromised in this way.

Scammers now changing business invoices containing bank details

Fraudsters are constantly making their crimes sophisticated. Their latest efforts involve phishing emails allowing them to hack your personal or business email accounts.

They then monitor your email account for an opportunity to intercept an invoice. For example, when you are purchasing goods and awaiting on an invoice or email, or if your business is sending an invoice by email.

The scammers intercept the email, change the bank details on the invoice and send it on for payment. In many cases, they use spoofing to make the email address seem credible and trustworthy. Spoofing changes a letter or domain in the email address to make it appear legitimate.

The recipient pays the invoice thinking it comes from a legitimate source, when in fact the money is paid into the scammer’s account.

Advice from Plus 1 Group regarding bank details

Please be aware that should our banking details change we will NEVER communicate this via email.

Should you ever receive any email announcing a change in bank details or notice that our details have changed on our invoice, please contact us immediately to verify you are sending payment to the correct bank before you pay.

We have taken this step to secure our business and strongly recommend to our clients that they do likewise. One of the simplest steps your business can take is to always verify any change of bank details for employees, customers or suppliers by phone. If you reply to the email sent to you to verify the request, you would just be sending it back to the scammers.   

If you would like any further information, please contact our office on 5833 3000.

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