Australian Website Domain Changes:

What they mean for your business


Market Volatility

You may have heard the recent announcement about the new .au direct domain that has been released.  Today, existing holders of a domain name ending with .au (your website address) can register for their equivalent, shorter and more memorable .au direct domain name.

Put simply, is able to register for


Why would I do this?


From the 20th of September, any eligible person can purchase a .au direct domain.

By registering for a direct domain, you are preventing others from registering a domain using your name.  Take McDonald’s for example, if they were to not choose to register, any individual could register the domain name

This is particularly critical where your specific product or company brand is identifiable by your website name, such as


Benefits of registering your .au direct domain name.


Registering your matching .au direct domain name before 20 September is quick and low-cost.

Here is why it’s worth your while.

  • It prevents anyone else from buying it, whether they’re cyber criminals or others looking to flip domains.
  • It’s inexpensive.
  • You don’t have to use it or create a new website. You can keep using your main website address and redirect the new .au direct domain to that existing address.

 The new .au domain is better, as it

  • Is a new option for Australian domains
  • Is shorter & simpler
  • Is uniquely Australian

As well as being a great way to ensure you are in control of your brand on the internet, registering for a .au direct domain can help you when the time comes to launch new projects or events: you will already own a place online that can house a microsite for a new product, for example.  It can also offer you a short, memorable name for a new business idea.


Whether you apply to register your matching .au direct domain name is ultimately up to you. auDA advises that it’s optional and has no effect on your existing .au domain names. To find out more about .au direct domains, go to or visit the  website.

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