Three Links In Supply Chain Penalised For Safety Breaches


When it comes to Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance, no one in the supply chain is ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Authorities in NSW demonstrated this when they stopped a B-Double travelling in an unauthorised area in Mulgrave on the outskirts of Sydney.

Not only did it result in multiple knock-on penalties for the driver, but also two other businesses in the supply chain, while another business was put on notice.

“An inspection of the combination established it was carrying dangerous goods consisting of 24.4 tonnes of used lead acid batteries and 1,080 litres of flammable liquid adhesives,” NSW Police reported.

“Issues were identified relevant to the vehicle and load, which were rectified before the vehicle could continue.

“As a result of an investigation with the assistance of the NSW Environment Protection Authority, Police issued penalty notices to a number of parties involved in the transport of the dangerous goods.”

The three parties involved were issued the following penalties:

  • A Victorian transport company was issued a $10,000 penalty for failing to ensure dangerous goods were transported safely.
  • A recycling facility in Wollongong was issued a $4,000 penalty for employing a person for a task without adequate supervision.
  • And the driver, a 58-year-old man from Victoria was issued with the following four penalties:
    1. Driving without a compliant emergency information holder – $260;
    2. Driving dangerous goods inappropriately placarded – $400;
    3. Driving a class 2 heavy vehicle not in accordance with authorisation – $674; and
    4. Not keeping a work diary as required – $674.

NSW Police reported that with the assistance of the NSW Environment Protection Authority, it is also working with a Victorian-based adhesives company to implement changes to its dangerous goods documents and procedures to ensure compliance.

“NSW Police and the NSW Environment Protection Authority will continue to monitor the involved companies and take action where appropriate,” it stated.

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Article courtesy of Portner Press

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